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Boris JuM*   

In shelter Dog

Federal Way, WA, 98003
Pet name:
Boris JuM*
German Shepherd Dog
Meet Boris!

Boris is my name, and it conjures up a big bad Russian guy, doesnt it? 
Actually it can mean "wolf, according to that well known source Wikipedia, and it is mostly given to Slavic male children. It can also mean small .... which I am most assuredly not! 

Anyway, I was a bottle baby with two of my siblings, which means I LOVE MY PEOPLE!!! Our mama got herself in a delicate situation and unfortunately she couldnt care for us after we were born... :( 
HOWEVER, the rescue JUMPED into action and raised the three of us like their own babies (except with fur :) So, that is why you need to ADOPT and DONT SHOP...... BECAUSE RESCUERS ROCK!!!!!
I know I am not a wolf dog, because my mom is a gorgeous white husky with ice blue eyes!! I am not sure about dad though, but with my black and tan coloring which is almost identical to my brother Oscar, I bet Dad was a shepherd mix of some sort. 

Like I said earlier, I am going to be a big boy if I continue to grow like I am right now. Foster mommy thinks about 65 pounds easy. So if you want to have a big boy to run with, to chase balls with or to just share a sofa and watch movies with, I am your guy! I also LOVE KIDS, am great with all other dogs and cats too!!! So you can have the WHOLE PACKAGE right HERE!!!

$250 Local Adoption Fee (in Texas)
$500 Out of State Fee (includes Transportation to your area) $50 Temporary fuel surcharge


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