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In shelter Dog

Kennewick , WA, 99338
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Coat length:
Hi there! I go by Ryder, but some also call me King Tut. Im a spirited and lively pup who embraces life with enthusiasm. Despite a challenging start, Ive maintained a positive outlook and now revel in every moment. Im a total attention-lover, and Im currently refining my house manners with the help of my patient foster mom.

Intelligent and responsive, Ive already mastered the art of sitting and enjoy a good game of fetch. Leash walks are becoming second nature to me, and Ive got the hang of being housebroken. Living with a doggie door is a blast—I dash in and out, relishing the freedom that comes with leaving the shelter behind.

While I can handle up to 6 hours in my crate, Id much prefer to be by your side. I get along swimmingly with other dogs, especially my foster brother, whos become my best pal. However, Im not a fan of feline friends, so a cat-free home would be ideal.

For an active family with older kids, Id be a fantastic fit. I love roughhousing and playing, though I might need a gentle reminder of my size and strength when excitement takes over. My tail is practically an airplane propeller! I adore nylon stick BarkBones and a KONG filled with peanut butter as treats.

Im on the lookout for a dynamic family that can keep up with my energy. An active lifestyle suits me perfectly, and Id love a yard to call my own. Ready for adventures and eager to explore the world together, I cant wait to meet my new family. If you have a yard where we can play, lets embark on this exciting journey and make lasting memories!
To see more pictures and videos of Ryder AKA King Tut copy and paste this link, you can apply directly for Ryder AKA King Tut by clicking the “Apply for Adoption” button on the linked page.

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