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In shelter Dog

McKinleyville, CA, 95519
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
BATES Is a sweet, active, young boy! Hes very playful and seems to really like other dogs. Did we mention that he loves all toys? Well, he LOVES all toys!!! This is a very fun boy who is smart as a whip, is treat motivated and already knows sit and shake. Just imagine all the fun youd have training him! Young Bates currently weighs in at 52lbs. Heres what Bates foster had to say about him during his stay: Bates is a very good-natured, all-round, fun, frolicky, floppy dog. He would probably match to just about any family or lifestyle. He loves to play and is friendly meeting other dogs but is also able to leave old, grouchy dogs alone. He has a lot of love to give his person/people and loves every moment with them-- but he is also able to curl up on a nearby rug and nap or chew on toys when you are busy. And his nuzzles, when he sticks his head on your shoulder or knee to see if you need anything is just adorable. He is house-trained, young and willing to learn, and great in the car (he can sleep standing up during stretches on the highway!). He would be great in an active household, and he is not afraid to play in the rain and mud if that is offered. His golden red coat, black muzzle, and gold eyes remind me of a playful fox. He has all the energy and vitality of a young dog ready for anything and the calm and maturity to chill the rest of the time.


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