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In shelter Dog

Oakwood, TX, 75855
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Meet Duke: A Gentle Soul in Need of a Second Chance

Dukes story began with a challenging start, but hes a loving and gentle dog who deserves a happy and stable forever home. Lets get to know this sweet soul who is looking for a fresh start.

Early Days:

Duke and his brother Dexter were discovered as starving and lost pups, wandering the area. Their rescue marked the beginning of a brighter chapter in their lives.


Duke is a sweet and quiet companion. His calm demeanor makes him an ideal couch buddy, and he may even attempt to make a human bed his own. His gentle nature is a testament to his loving heart.

Family Dog:

Duke thrived in a family full of children, where he found joy and companionship. His loving and patient disposition made him a cherished member of the household.

A Heartbreaking Turn:

A tragic incident occurred during a storm when Duke and Dexter escaped due to a fallen fence and encountered the neighbors cat. This unfortunate event led to their return to the rescue.

A Second Chance:

Duke and Dexter have spent the past few months wondering why they were returned, longing for the love and stability of a forever home. They deserve another chance at happiness.

In Conclusion:

Duke is a loving and gentle dog who, despite a challenging past, is ready for a fresh start with a loving family. If youre willing to offer Duke the stability and care he needs, youll be rewarded with a loyal and affectionate companion who will cherish every moment spent with you.

Duke is waiting for a second chance to be part of a loving family once again. Contact us today to meet this sweet and gentle soul and provide him with the loving forever home he deserves. Together, you can create a brighter future filled with love and happiness.