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In shelter Dog

Suamico, WI, 54173
Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog
Your next family member is waiting! Meet Sebastian! He also answers to Basher, and for some weird reason Ted. I kid you not when I tell you that this dog loves watching Ted Lasso! Sebastian is a big loving Shepherd who loved to be pet on his head and especially under his chin. He does well in a crate. Sometimes he even just hangs out in it without being put into it. He also loved to lay at your feet and stare up at you for no reason at all. Its like he just wants to be able to see that you are still there. He works a little like a magnet because he is stuck to you. If you leave the room, its likely he will be leaving the room with you. He likes to be with his people. He also enjoys the company of dogs! Not too much interest in toys yet, but he loves big hard treats like Whimzys! He has a few enrichment toys and has already learned them pretty good! When its time to eat he is pretty good about sitting. Then telling him to wait. Then will get that food the moment you give him permission. This guy is going to make a wonderful addition to any family. If you have cats, he will need to be cat tested first. He should also have a few meet and greets if you already have other dogs to make sure they are vibing!


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