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In shelter Dog

St. Paul, MN, 55107
Pet name:
German Shorthaired Pointer
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
JD/ Jack is a purebred German Shorthair Pointer, about 4 years old. He has been with us for several months as he underwent heartworm treatment and has been given the all-clear! He will need to remain on monthly preventatives just like any other dog. He answers most frequently to “treat”! 

Jack will need a large fenced open space to investigate and patrol and sniff several times per day. He will kill any mice in the vicinity and eat them, putting any area cats out of business (he will also dispatch any cats). He will eat anything food-like left within reach, he’s great at disposing of vegetable peelings. Jack needs an attentive person or people, teens would be ok but probably not with younger kids. He would love to have someone around the house the majority of the time. No cats, rabbits, chickens, Guinea pigs, very small dogs, birds—he has a strong small prey drive. He can stay in his kennel for a business day but is unhappy about it. Loves loves loves to sleep with his person or people, prefers/is most settled when he can choose where he sleeps. Another large dog that is well behaved and well mannered would be a plus. Jack needs someone who will spend a lot of time with him on adventures like learning to lay down, watching tv, walking in the woods (probably not busy public parks), running... He is potty, leash, and kennel trained and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. Like most GSPs he is a Velcro pet. He wants to be with you and participate in puttering about the house or yard. Extremely food motivated, he lives for treats. Jack may have had a difficult time at some point in his life with large, bearded men, so he can be people-reactive (barking mainly-we have tricks and methods that have helped) so he needs someone who isn’t in deep need of a buddy to take to the coffee shop, brewery, or dog park—he doesn’t do well at all in those social situations. Jack is reactive toward bikes and motorcycles (remember that prey drive?). He doesn’t like to be surprised by strangers either (doorbell, knock, walking in…) and can react defensively. Training on going to his crate when those things happen and giving high value rewards would help. Jack seems to be intelligent and likes learning new things. He also enjoys watching the neighbors and everything going on outside the window. Give him toys to shred, pull on/pull with him, and toys to carry around—he likes to be busy. But he will also gladly flop on the couch and watch a movie as long as you’re there. He has started learning to sniff game birds and work the tall grass but would need a great deal of focused attention on recall and other commands, and gentle methods, to become a sporting buddy. 

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Adoption fee: $225


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