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In shelter Dog

Rincon, PR, 00677
Pet name:
Golden Retriever
Apricot / Beige
Coat length:
Huni was abandoned by owner close to my house in Maricao, PR. He is very friendly, sweet, loves affection. His age is unknown, but the vet said he is young, though prob more than a year or two. He is in good health. He is playful and friendly with other dogs (I have 9 fosters big and small and he gets along with them all). He is a darling. He walks well on a leash. And he behaves well in crowded situations, even in restaurants .. he just laid down next to my feet. He does not bark excessively at all. He is not a nusaince. He is a real love bug. I would keep him yet I have 9 dogs and I hope for him to have a family of his own where he can get more attention then I can give as I have so many. I would love to find him a home where he would be the center of attention and love. Where he could have an owner that he could call his own. His fur is easy to maintain. He is Medium /Small at 35lbs. He is healthy, fit, happy. I just got him a check up and his (mandatory in PR) rabies vaccine. I do not like to give excessive unnecessary vaccines and I do not know if he had any previously to being found beside my mountain home. The Vet gave a health certificate. I am happy to hear from you if you are ready to take on the responsibility and priviledge of owning a dog. He is a special one! I have an appt to take him for neuter surgery on Dec 5. After he recovers, he will be ready for adoption. No fee. Just promise to care for him til his end, and have back up support in case needed. Also, promise never to dump him or give him away blindly. You can always give him back to me as I love this dog. I just want the very best for him and as I mentioned, I have too many to give the ultimate love and attention to, I would rather find him a home that can do that for him. Kindly, Denise M.


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