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In shelter Dog

Denver, CO, 80202
Pet name:
Great Dane
Coat length:
Meet Dean, a magnificent Great Dane mix who is ready to become the heart and soul of your home! This 4-year-old gentle giant, residing in Mesa, AZ, is desperately searching for a loving family, and will travel the distance to find them.  Deans impressive leash manners make him a delightful companion for long walks and adventures. Whether youre exploring the neighborhood or strolling through nature, Dean will be your loyal sidekick, always by your side with a wagging tail and a zest for life.

When its time to unwind, Deans favorite activity is relaxing and hanging out with his human companions. This cuddle aficionado is a master at making you feel loved and cherished. With his calm and gentle demeanor, hell happily snuggle up beside you, providing warmth and comfort during your downtime. Deans soothing presence is the perfect remedy for a hectic day, and hes always ready to shower you with unconditional love.

Deans obedience and stellar training make him a remarkable addition to any household. He has mastered various commands and will impress you with his intelligence and eagerness to please. While Dean prefers a home without other pets or children, he can form an incredible bond with the right person or family. Although he may be initially wary of new people, a little patience and understanding will go a long way. In certain situations, Dean may benefit from wearing a muzzle while getting acquainted with unfamiliar faces. Once he feels safe and secure, hell reward you with loyalty and unwavering devotion.

Let the journey of love, loyalty, and endless cuddles begin!


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