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Chico (Bonded with Oso)   

In shelter Dog

Pet name:
Chico (Bonded with Oso)
Great Dane
Extra Large
Coat length:
LOCATION: Ada, Oklahoma
DOB: 07/28/2014

Chico and Oso are a bonded pair of pups. And like any good dynamic duo, there is good cop, bad cop. Sweet and tart. Think Shrek and Donkey.    

Chico (Great Dane) is the Shrek to Oso’s Donkey. He can be a little grumpy but is absolutely loveable too. He doesnt like to share unless its with his pal, Oso. Chico just wants somewhere to be lazy and watch all the excitement Oso makes. Beware, hes a blanket stealer! He will steal your heart too with his snuggles! Chico loves to get close and tries to crawl in your lap. He has the classic Dane lean that will knock you over if youre not expecting it. Hes stout and tall.

Oso (collie mix), on the other hand, is so friendly and loves everyone and everything! He LOVES the outdoors – he’s a water hound! He rolls in the water and sand like hes still a pup. Oso plays with Chico constantly but is very gentle with the old guy and wraps his paws around Chicos neck for hugs. Oso loves pets from his humans and will squeeze right between your legs to be close to you. 

Both are good with female dogs but male dogs–no. They would do fine in a home with dog savvy kids who can be playful with the dogs but respectul of the dog’s space and boundaries. They have not been around cats. 

This dynamic duo is looking for:

A place with water (pond? baby pool? sprinkler?). They both love the water and will settle in right between the hose and their baby pools.  

Space to run. Chico loves to run, even if hes a little slower and Oso just does zoomies around him.  

A soft bed. They love the queen mattress they use for a bed but both would rather be in the bed cuddled up with you.  

People to give them all the loves. These guys are looking for a forever home together with plenty of room to roam and lots of down time to just rest and relax. Are you the Fiona that this Shrek and Donkey are looking for?

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For an application to adopt, please go to and fill out an app. 

Thank you so much, we look forward to helping you.