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King Kong   

In shelter Dog

Pet name:
King Kong
Great Dane
Coat length:
LOCATION: Converse, Texas
DOB:11/13/2022 (Estimate)

My name is King Kong. Kong for short. I am in the San Antonio area–yee haw! I’m a Dane/lab mix and weigh in at 55 lbs. I’m black with some white thrown in on one of my toes and a little under me. I may not be as big as a Great Dane, but I am a strong fella and my personality is bigger than life! My general personality is ALL PUPPY thrown in with some play! 

During my freedom ride, I got to hang out with some kids, and I did great. My foster mom tells me what a sweet boy I am all the time! I love people! I love when I get pets and scratches. Standing beside my momma’s chair and receiving scruffles and kisses just makes my day. Sometimes I like to just lay my head on her arm and she rubs on me.

In a short time, I’ve learned about the good life and I’m loving it! I have a lot of energy, I like to explore everything, and I am learning my boundaries. I like to steal things and think it’s fun to be chased. I still like to chew so she has put away all the stuff I’m not allowed to have.

I love love my toys!  In the beginning, I was protective of them. My foster mom thinks it was because I was insecure and experiencing so many new things at once. Now I like to play with my momma and even make up my own games. My foster mom laughs when I stand behind her chair and drop my ball down her back so she will throw it. My favorite toy is the Kong tennis ball and my mom says I get to take that with me when I find my forever home.

Car rides scare me some, but my foster mom is working on that with me. I will get into the car for a treat, but I don’t look out the window or anything like that. I am also scared to walk near the street so my foster mom walks me around the front yard to get me used to it. I need more work on the leash thing. I don’t like when someone grabs my collar. I won’t bite or anything mean, but I will try to wiggle out of it. I like to jump up on people and I don’t do it hard, but my foster mom tells me that is a bad idea anyway. I like nibbling on her hands, chin, and ears, but she won’t let me do that either. She can be bossy sometimes!

I have to take turns with my foster furry sibling being in the house. If we are in the house together, I stay on my leash. I don’t particularly like my neighbor dogs either, they are pretty yappy. My ideal home would be an only dog for now. I might learn that playing with other dogs is fun, I just need time. I’m not sure what a cat is, so I don’t know if I like them. I’m still working on crate training. I will go in for a treat. Sometimes I will go in on my own. But treats are better! My foster mom comes home from work every day at lunch to let me outside to go potty. I am potty trained and go to the door when I want to go out, but I still haven’t learned to tell her I’m at the door. 

My ideal home would be an active family because I get bored easily and like to have fun. I probably wouldn’t do as well with babies because I am still excitable; maybe like 5 years old and up. I am still working on basic commands. I haven’t mastered “sit” yet because I don’t like when someone presses on my bottom. I’m a little hardheaded (OK, maybe a lot), but I’m pretty smart. I know what NO is and I come when called most of the time. I like when mom whistles. I come running as fast as I can.

I wasn’t used to having a loving family, but I’m liking it and don’t ever want to have my old life again. I would love to find my forever home and be part of a family. If you would like to meet me, please contact the nice people at Save Rocky. They are my heroes!

For more information, please email us at 

For an application to adopt, please go to and fill out an app. 

Thank you so much, we look forward to helping you.


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