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Bucky (FKA Mouse)   

In shelter Dog

Pet name:
Bucky (FKA Mouse)
Great Dane
Merle (Blue)
Extra Large
Coat length:
LOCATION: New Braunfels, Texas
DOB: 04/22/2019 (Estimate)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bucky! There’s so much great info on this furry friend, we want to waste no time getting to the goods!

Humans - Bucky is playful and sweet, gentle and cuddly. With the little kiddos, he will sit or lay down in front of them so they can pet him. He can get really excited playing outside and while totally unintentional, he could bump into, land on, or knock over anyone not paying attention so kids over 5 years old would be ideal. And with the big humans, he can be wary of strangers when he doesn’t know their intention. He will back up, bark, and raise his hackles. But once he has a second, he will step forward because he WANTS to be pet by them. 

Nature/animals - Bucky LOVES the outdoors- laying in the grass when it is cool outside, watching birds, the trees, rocks, all of it. He loves sitting in the grass with the toads and just chilling with them. He LOVES the water coming out of a hose. He WILL BE amazing on nature hikes, trips to the beach/lake, camping with an active family as long as they continue his training so he is adequately prepared for those situations. 

Walks/Leash - He gets REALLY excited for his walks. His foster will give him a moment to get his wiggles out and ask him to “settle” and then “get dressed” (put on his harness). By the time you hit the sidewalk, he is showing off his fancy leash skills. He is fine being walked by his pre-teen foster siblings and he has good recall off leash when in an open, but contained space or with a long training lead.

Verbal - Prior to this foster home, Bucky’s single coping skill was to bark. With confidence and training, he has improved. And he likes to talk in his own way for sure. He cries and moans like an old man when he is lonely, he growls with his foster sisters when they wrestle, and he grumbles when he is tired.
Kennel Training/House broken - Big guy can free roam when he is left unsupervised. He can go in a kennel if need be for short amounts of time. He hasnt had any accidents since arriving at his foster home.

Other dogs - with slow intros and adequately supervised play sessions, he has become (almost) inseparable with the girls. He is still learning appropriate behaviors and energy levels with male and/or older dogs. Bucky is always coming in hawt with big puppy energy!. He needs VERY controlled intros when meeting new friends. He has shown no resource guarding.

Cats - possible small prey drive so cats are a no. 

Car rides - He loves being in the car - hanging his head out the window, trying to climb into the driver’s lap. He does need to be tethered or he likes to leapfrog over seats. 

Snuggle time - He DEMANDS (quite vocally - so if you forget, dont worry he will remind you) 10-15 mins of just snuggling, rubbing, scratching, crawling into your lap and/or rolling around on the floor/couch. TWICE A DAY, EVERYDAY. Once in the morning when he first wakes up and once in the evening to tuck him in for the night. He will cry or pout until you do it. He just wants to be shown love.

So believe it or not - that’s the condensed version of Bucky! His foster momma has even more info on this gorgeous guy and would love to share any and all things Bucky-related with you. He is worth every second of your time.  

For more information, please email us at 

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Thank you so much, we look forward to helping you.


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