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Fosters Needed!!   

In shelter Dog

Beacon, NY, 12508
Pet name:
Fosters Needed!!
Great Pyrenees
Extra Large
Description:   NEEDS FOSTER HOMES.
Your help is needed to save dogs lives.  National Pyr (NGPR) is a coalition of rescuers that rescues Pyrs and Pyr mixes from Southern and Midwestern kill shelters where these large breed dogs last only a few days. After dogs are pulled from shelters, they are assessed, vetted, spayed or neutered and quarantined for two weeks or more before going to a foster home.
There are not enough foster homes in the places the dogs come from so dogs are transported to foster families around the country where they can live in a home environment and interact with kids, cats, people and other dogs. Every dog that goes into foster home allows us to pull another dog from a shelter.
Please go to  to learn more about the breed.  Then if you are interested, please read about volunteering at   then fill out our volunteer application at    if you can help and we will get back to you shortly. We thank you and our beloved Pyrs thank you too.
If you cant foster or adopt at this time, please consider helping our Neediest Cases at


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