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In shelter Dog

Georgetown, TX, 78633
Pet name:
Great Pyrenees
White / Cream
Coat length:
Oso is a beautiful and loving 2-year-old, 75 pound Great Pyrenees mix.
He is sweet, affectionate, a touch goofy, and calm. He loves people – even the scary ones like the vet and groomer who say what a good boy he is during visits. He’s also good with kids. He is low energy during the day and in the evenings, he likes a round of fetch in the backyard or a nice walk. He doesn’t ask for much and naps by you while you work or relax on the couch. He enjoys your company, belly rubs, rolling in the grass, kiddie pools, breezy car rides, walks, and fetch. He has silly quirks that make you laugh and awww at the same time, like lying down while he eats, hoppy dancing with tennis balls, and squeezing his way in for couch cuddles.

This boy had a lonely start to his life and was kept as a backyard dog who would frequently escape to find company and pass the time. He is now loving the indoor life and doesn’t take it for granted – he appreciates the AC, endless meals and treats, evening walks, and affection. He will often thank you will an intentional kiss. He is working on enjoying alone time in his room or an adjoining room while his temporary foster parents work from home. He has come a long way and now eagerly goes to his spots with an exciting treat and settles after a few minutes. His love language is quality time so his dream home has someone who WFH but would do okay with someone who works a nine-to-five and can spend time with him afterwards and on the weekends.

While he would prefer to be your one and only (getting ALL the love), there is potential for him to live with a well-matched doggie friend. He is doing well with his friendly foster sibling after a slow introduction. We’re unsure about cats as he’s had mixed reactions, so if you have cats and would like to adopt Oso, we recommend an integration period of at least a few weeks; we can talk you through that.

Oso can stay here in the Austin, Texas area, but he would love a home in a cooler climate, so if you live in the area but are moving somewhere cooler, maybe hes your guy!
**We are no longer placing dogs for adoption in apartments. Adopters must have a fenced backyard.**

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