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Ozzie in TN - Great Smile, Very Friendly!   

In shelter Dog

Lebanon, TN, 37090
Pet name:
Ozzie in TN - Great Smile, Very Friendly!
Great Pyrenees
White / Cream
This beautiful sweet young boy is Ozzie, brand new and grateful to be in rescue! Ozzie has a great smile and a friendly demeanor. He might be shy for half a minute but he warms up quickly, and he is a very nice mild-mannered boy. He and his sister Olivia are especially close so we feel that he would do great in a home with another female companion to pal around with. Ozzie does well in the car and walks nicely on leash, too. Hes good with cats and lived with many of them at his former home. Although he is not a livestock guardian, he would do well with goats and chickens since he has grown up around them. Ozzie would do great in a home with a fenced in yard and a girl dog to pal around with. We cant wait to see this beautiful boy head off to a great home or foster home of his own. Hes such a sweet boy and he deserves much better than he has known up until now. We just love him and so will you!

NYS Registered Rescue # RR102
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Secure VISIBLE fencing is required; invisible fencing WILL NOT contain this breed.