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Mars and Monte   

In shelter Small & Furry

Olympia, WA, 98516
Pet name:
Mars and Monte
Guinea Pig
Mars and Monte are a bonded pair of male guinea pig brothers. These boys were born in August of 2022.

The boys are typical teenagers and sometimes have a lot to say about the other in their space. A perfect home would be a large enclosure with two of everything so there is no bickering. They eat a LOT of hay and get so excited when a new pile is put inside their enclosure to enjoy. Mars especially loves snuggling into blankets. He even will roll himself up like a little burrito before taking a nap! 

They had come from a home where their parents were allowed to breed which created a huge issue for the home trying to take care of all the guineas. Sadly the boys didnt get handled much so they are quite skittish with loud sounds and arms reaching into the cage. They have already made lots of progress here in rescue and now even come up to the side to greet us. They will take treats, but will run back into their hide to enjoy it. We think with time and patience, these two boys will learn humans are good and become even more outgoing. 

Mars and Montys adoption fee is $35. If youre interested in adopting them, please email us at

We are a foster-based rescue located in the Lacey/Olympia area. At this time we are unable to accommodate adoptions outside of Washington. We do not ship animals.