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In shelter Dog

San Antonio, TX, 78217
Pet name:
Hello, Im Teddy, and if youre looking for the most dashing and dapper dog in the shelter, youve found me! 

They say Im as cute as a teddy bear, and let me tell you, thats just the tip of the iceberg. With my soulful eyes, perfectly groomed fur, and charm that could melt glaciers, Im a sight to behold. Imagine having a real-life teddy bear thats ready to share endless love and companionship.

Now, Ill admit it-I can be a tad shy, especially when it comes to meeting new people, especially the gents. But hey, even teddy bears have their sensitive sides, right? Give me a little time and patience, and youll see my true colors shining through. Once I warm up, theres no stopping the snuggles and wiggles that I bring to the table.

Speaking of wiggles, Im not just any wiggler, Im a wiggly butt extraordinaire! When Im excited, my whole back end cant help but join the party. Its like my happiness spills over and makes my body move to its own tune.

If youre seeking a companion whos not only incredibly good-looking but also a snuggle bug that knows how to wiggle like nobodys watching, then Im your Teddy. Lets embark on a journey of patience, love, and shared adventures. Reach out, and lets start this bear-tastic chapter of our lives together!


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