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RITCHEY ROO (aka Richard)   

In shelter Dog

Spring, TX, 77388
Pet name:
RITCHEY ROO (aka Richard)
Coat length:
Richard was made to be mans best friend & is in search of DOGS BEST FRIEND!

Exuberant | Jubilant | Laid-back

Ritchey is a laid-back kind of guy, who has infinite energy, and is eager to go out for walks and enjoy the outdoors! This boy also enjoys affection time, and essentially wants to be with and hang out in your presence. He is interesting because while he is super active and jubilant, he can also be a quiet couch potato. He is estimated to be about 3-4 years old.

Richard loves sleeping in bed with his human, and even though it took some time, he finally has learned the command OVER (which means GIVE ME SOME SPACE IN THE BED & MOVE OVER).  Ritchey very much enjoys lounging around the house, and going out on walks and taking car rides to the park. He also has a great time just running around! And this is where a good solid 6 foot+ fence comes in handy (because he is able to hop a 4 foot fence out of excitement).

Richard does not seem to be into toys or playing fetch. He has limited experience with other dogs in his foster home. However, he does share a room with a senior cocker spaniel who is constantly fussing at him (and he completely disregards her altogether). 

Ritchey was found quite some time ago as a stray. He was taken in by a family who loved him dearly. However, they were struggling financially and he went without regular meals for awhile, until the family knew it was just not fair to him anymore. Ritchey came to us very underweight, and has overcompensated a bit in his journey to recovery, as a diet would do very well for him (since someone has a good 10+ pounds to lose)...

If you like the idea of a goofy best friend who celebrates joy regularly, and it is in your heart to show him how precious and cherished he is, we would love to see an application from you per the link below:

Adoption Application…


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