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In shelter Dog

Austin, TX, 78702
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Jameson There is so much to love about this playful labrador with a great smile. When he first came to the Center, leash walking was a new concept for Jameson. With volunteers and staff showing him the ropes, Jameson quickly learned how its done. He is comfortable walking with a harness which provides additional guidance and makes the experience pleasant for everyone. He can get a little excited and jumpy at first, but responds well to the no command. Treats are the way to his heart and his love for food makes him easy to train. Jameson has told us, my most favoritest treat is peanut butter, which is especially helpful to have on hand to help put him at ease during thunderstorms. Jameson is pretty young so he has a lot of energy he needs to get out. His ideal adoptive family would be one that is active and could take him on adventures. Once out and about or in the play yard, Jameson is a total goofball. He plays well with other dogs but needs slow introductions to dogs he might live with. His ideal doggie playmates are ones that can match his energy level. You cant tell based on his smile, but Jameson has had his heart broken a few times, so he might get a little anxious when his people first start leaving him home alone. Treats, chew toys, patience, and reassurance can help this boy understand that his forever family is there forever, and they will always come back home to care for him. Best of all, if youre ever feeling down, a little bit of Jameson therapy can brighten your day. One of our volunteers recently said, I was feeling pretty rough and emotional this morning. AND THEN CAME JAMESON! Man, I needed this! It brightened my day to see a boy running and playing without the weight of the world to bring him down. If you ever see Jameson play with his toys, youll understand the effect he can have. Jameson cant wait to find his forever person or family so come by to meet him.


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