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In shelter Dog

Franklin, TN, 37069
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Happy Trucker is one of the coolest little dogs on the planet. This guy may be short in size but he is 55 pounds and is what we call a Bassador (Basset/Labrador) and wow what a personality! He is 8 years old and his short legs feature a body that is all Lab and the most beautiful soft fur ever. He is photographed here with such a happy face because he just had his first spa day in probablyforever! This boy was brought to Tennessee from Massachusetts and left with a friend of the owner. Well, the owner never came back and so the friend kept Trucker and the other family dog, Lilly. Now this kind person has died after just having the dogs for 3 months and they are in the care of yet another kind soul. The woman who has them is allergic to dogs! Yikes! But she has found us at Critter Cavalry Rescue and we plan to help her out as much as we can. Our ace photographer has captured a handsome boy with dancing eyes of curiosity and love. Happy Trucker loves life but can be a little reserved when he is in a new situation or the company of new people. He is as sweet as he looks too! He loves to fetch a ball and bring it back to you. What a great dog he would be for children who just want a well behaved family friend, a little shadow of a dog that will follow you everywhere with love in his face as he looks up to you! He is short but stocky. He is long like a basset hound but colored like a lab. Trucker is more reserved and has some anxiety. But super sweet and wants to be with you and near you. A friend to all, Happy Trucker will certainly bring you lots of new friends as they stop to say Hello to the dog you are walking on the end of the leash. If you are interested in this handsome, healthy and happy dog then please email us at Dont miss out on this boy!
PLEASE NOTE: Our dogs and cats are fostered in Tennessee and can transport weekly up to the Northeast region. Request an application and learn more about Critter Cavalry at


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