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In shelter Dog

Groveland, MA, 01834
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Lightening - the name says it all, in a Antiphrasis way!

When he has the most energy throughout the day is before breakfask and before supper. He will stick to you like glue making sure you don;t forget it is time for his food!

Lightening is super chill super laid back - he will sit outside in the fresh air, if you are out there, sitting in the fresh air.

He will make an amazing assitant in the Kitchen as long as you do not mind a very close, space invading assistant. Its a process but you quickly learn to step over him.
His contribution to the kitchen as well as every other room if your home with be his fur - it has a mind of its own. It ends up on your floor in single strands or little clumps. He likes being brushed, so do it often to cut down on his fly aways.

Lightening has had seizures, and is on medication to control them. As long as he doesnt miss a dose or is thrown off his every 12 hours he does great, no issues.

He is housetrained in our home. He loves his crate, and settles down if he has access to it. PLEASE plan to use a crate with him. He would prefer to sleep in there over night, its like a security blanket for him.

He has been living with 2 dogs and 1 cat, they are all living harmoniously with ZERO ISSUES. he loves everyone and everyone loves him.


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