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In shelter Dog

Santa Paula, CA, 93060
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Coat length:
This big delicious tall drink of water is aptly named Goofy--he has the grin, the playfulness and the sense of humor to go with it.

Goofy recently came back to us after having almost two lovely years with a family. When their new baby grew into a toddler, it became too much for their busy household keeping the two gangly bodies apart. Goofy’s family was heartbroken and had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. “He is the best dog. He’s amazing. He’s the nicest boy….” Things like that. He is now ready for his Phase 3 (that means you!) Phase 2 was wandering through rural Kansas as a stray before he made his way to us.

He is a fine fellow who loves people, dogs and playing ball. In fact, he loves life and isnt afraid to show it. He is exuberant, energetic and playful with a sweet nature. He’s a big boy, so his size is a distinguishing feature (i.e, if you don’t have room on your couch for a big dog pillow, think twice!) 

When he was with his family, they went hiking and to the park, played lots of ball and hung out around the house together. He was a beloved family member and was gentle with their newborn when he first arrived. It was later when they both tried to maneuver through the house together…

Goofy has the potential to be a wonderful partner. Active, energetic, funny, and playful (we keep using this word!) and wrapped in a show-stopping handsome package to boot.

If you know, love and understand the needs of a young big dog with a zest for life, you need look no further. Goofy is standing tall and at the ready!


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