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In shelter Cat

Oakland Park, FL, 33334
Pet name:
Maine Coon
Boy do I have a story of survival! Me and my brother, Rooster, were found as kittens and rescued. We went to the Adoption Center at PetSmart. We loved it there. Then one day I became very ill, and I was raced to the ER at 3 am...I had the fatal form of FIP! (the feline coronavirus) But my care takers jumped into action and knew exactly what to do to save my life! 84 days of burning injections. It was the worst 84 days of my life, but they saved me. Finally, I was going to be reunited with my brother! I just had to wait for my bloodwork results so i could go to him. The bloodwork came back and showed the FIP was I had Leukemia!!!!! This was devestating news, and my caretakers, especially Tammy...her heart shattered into a millon pieces that day. It was awful. But ONCE AGAIN, they jumped into action. Alessandra from Last Chance Rescue saved my life. On Dec. 5, 2023 my bloodwork and Q PCR Test showed that I am now negative for Leukemia. I shed the virus. Everyone is ECSTATIC, and so soooooooooo happy for me. It is finally my turn to have a safe loving forever home. Please call or text Tammy if youd like to meet me. 954-607-8508


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