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In shelter Dog

Acworth, GA, 30101
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
PLEASE CONSIDER OPENING YOUR HOME TO MICKEY! He is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchip, and heartworm negative. 
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MICKEY NEEDS SOME LOVE, a new home, a diet and some exercise!! ?
Mickey is 8-9 yrs old now. He has been here for 4 YEARS waiting for a home. He is overweight bc he is lazy but he will go for walks and he needs someone to walk him! He is prob 80 lbs now and should be 70!  HELP! 
He likes to chase and destroy tennis balls but loves all toys and chew bones. 
Every single day, I find Mickey belly up in the living room sleeping. It’s his favorite position. He even does it on the deck like he’s sunbathing !
Mickey is housebroken, walks great on leash, will pull when he sees a squirrel, good with dogs, no cats, good with kids.  Mickey is afraid of thunderstorms bc he spent the first 5 yrs of his life chained up with only the bushes as cover so every time there is a storm coming or it starts to rain, Mickey is underfoot  trembling. He isn’t destructive he just wants to be close by and sometimes he hides in the hall closet. 
Neutered, heartworm negative, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  Adoption fee is $50
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