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In shelter Dog

Carlstadt, NJ, 07072
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Overton is a sweet, very loving, and very energetic boy! He would spend all day right next to you, leaping and playing and being silly, if he could. He is full of puppy energy and wants to be friends with as many people and pups as possible. He is showing every sign that he is easily trainable- is encouraged by food, already knows a few commands, and is eager for your approval. Not all of his training has fully sunk in yet, but we have no doubt he will be the dreamiest boy with time! He gets a little too excited while out on walks and needs to have a close eye on him. Not everyone is as eager to make a new friend as he is. He is very good at independent play time, and can self entertain while you are getting work done around the house. He has no issue spending time in his crate and already has learned that it can be a safe space for him to go. The boy can (and will) play with his toys all day and all night, but also is ready for a little cuddle if you settle him down. He is getting smarter and braver by the day, and would be a great addition to your family!

Overton is approximately 1y 0m 29d old and may be about 40-45 pounds when fully grown. They are microchipped and up to date on all age-appropriate medical care. Their breed is unknown as we have not had a DNA test done.

Although our dogs are listed as unknown breed, buildings with specific dog restrictions typically enforce their rules based on what breeds a dog appears to resemble. Its always important to keep that in mind and know your buildings policies before adopting a dog.

This dog is available for adoption through Muddy Paws Rescue. If youre interested in adopting, the first thing you should do is begin the registration process at and email us at


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