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Itty Bitty   

In shelter Dog

Cincinnati, OH, 45223
Pet name:
Itty Bitty
Mixed Breed
Looking for a furry friend whos small in name but big on personality? Look no further than Itty Bitty! This lovable pooch is a true gem, and does cute tippy taps while he waits for his treats.

Itty Bitty is a quick learner and knows how to sit like a true gentleman. He also loves nothing more than a good scratch on his back sides or under the chin, and will happily lean into your hand for more. In his foster home, he has worked so hard on training and has some awesome leash skills to show for it! He is also dog and cat friendly, and a friend to all he meets!

So if youre looking for a loyal companion whos both adorable and fun-loving, come meet Itty Bitty! With his big heart and even bigger personality, hes sure to bring joy and laughter to your home. Dont let his name fool you - Itty Bitty is one big bundle of love!

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