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In shelter Dog

Durham, NC, 27704
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Gray / Blue / Silver
Hey there, future dog-parent extraordinaire! Meet Thor, the four-legged bundle of joy whos ready to sprinkle your life with pawsitivity and endless smiles.

At a mere nine months young, Thors got the kind of goofy charm thatll leave you laughing til your sides ache. Sure, he might have a congenital heart thing going on, but lets not get bogged down by that! Thors all about living life to the fullest, and hes here to show you how its done.

Yep, you guessed it - Thors got a heart thats as unique as he is. His ticker might have a little twist, but that doesnt stop him from spreading good vibes wherever he trots. With a bit of TLC and a sprinkle of daily meds, this pups got more resilience than a superhero movie marathon.

Thors a social butterfly, having charmed both four-legged furballs and those elusive cat creatures. If youve got a pet crew at home, Thors ready to join the squad and bring the paw-ty to a whole new level. And guess what? Hes already a house and crate pro, so no worries about midnight potty runs or furniture munching.

When Thors not busy charming his fur-friends, hes all about that playtime hustle. Toys, wrestling, you name it - this pups energy is off the charts! And did we mention his H2O obsession? Thors got a thing for water thats as real as his love for belly rubs. Splash sessions and impromptu swims are his jam!

Sure, Thors time might be a bit shorter on the calendar, but the love and adventures youll share are the kind thatll last a lifetime. If youre up for some epic bonding, a dash of joy, and a truckload of unforgettable memories, Thors ready to meet his forever partner-in-crime - thats you! So, what do you say? Lets make Thors story one for the books and give this pup the loving home hes been dreaming of. Adopt, play, repeat - thats the Thor way!


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