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In shelter Dog

Memphis, TN, 38133
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Markley #MASA22430 is a delightful 2-year-old male in a foster home. His foster parent says, "Despite his young age, he possesses the wisdom and demeanor of an old soul! With a gentle, playful, and sensitive nature, hes particularly fond of female companions. Hes blossomed over the past four months with me, gradually warming up to my other dogs. Markley is more than just a pet; hes a charming, potty-trained character. He cherishes moments of peace and quiet and relishes his walks, finding them rejuvenating. At night, he finds solace in the melodies of instrumental music, whether hes nestling on the couch, snuggling in a plush bean bag, or cozying up at the foot of your bed. While initially reserved around other dogs, hes learned to enjoy playful sessions, taking it one furry friend at a time. Hes truly a gentle spirit in a young dogs body."

Markley thrives best in a mature, adults-only environment.

Markley was part of a playgroup on 04/16/23. He was friendly; he would give a wail tag when approached by other dogs. He is gentle/dainty and mostly stays to himself. Markley was tolerant when other dogs crowded him. There was a male in the yard where he and the other dog sized each other up, but nothing happened. 

Markley was supposed to be in a playgroup on 04/17/2023, but when an ACT retrieved him from the kennel, he began trembling severely, pancaking, and refusing to walk. The ACT did want to cause any more stress on Markley, so he decided to place him back in his kennel.

If youre interested in adopting Markley, click "apply for adoption" on his profile at, and well forward your information to his foster parent.


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