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In shelter Dog

New York, NY, 10029
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
My foster writes:
Champ is a bundle of love! He cant wait to snuggle up and pass out on your lap after a good kissing and licking session! He loves people and is easy to be around. Very well mannered and easy going guy. He can work on being around other dogs and after hes found his forever home his anxiety will likely subside as well. Hes a one of a kind dog overall!

My foster writes: 
Champ is, well, a Champion of many things. But above all - he is a champion cuddler. A crowned cuddle king, who will literally leave a bowl of food behind if it means he has a chance to snuggle next to you and get a belly rub. He loves so deeply and unrelentingly, even shortly after you meet him - hell gaze at you with soulful eyes and lick your face if you let him. Champ seizes any chance to love and be loved by his human. Hes like a heated and weighted blanket combo, ready to comfort you. Champ has a huge heart that matches his huge head. Hes smarty (of course his head is so big, it holds his smarts!) - he picks up on training cues quickly, whether working on his tolerance for being left alone (can you fault a shelter dog for wanting to be by your side?) or teaching him to "check in" with you on a walk (say "look at me Champ!" And hell glance back with a big goofy smile). Hes learning leash manners with positive reinforcement and clicker/treat training. When he hears the click and gets it right, he stamps excitedly and smiles, awaiting his "good boy!" Followed by a treat. This Champ doesnt need a cheerleader but if you want to see him do his stamp, wide-smile victory dance, definitely cheer for him! He seems to trust humans more readily than other dogs, but with the right dog and slow introduction, Champ might also love a canine friend - but hes fully content just being with his human. He sleeps through the night, even when hes not next to you. But Im sure hed prefer to be by your side. Hes also a great ride-along boy, hanging (and sometimes sleeping) quietly in the backseat with his seat belt buckled. Potty trained and not destructive when left alone, Champ is a solidly wonderful boy whose love and devotion are so unrelenting, youll wonder how you ever got so lucky to be his friend.

Level 2 Behavior Rating: Summary: This dog may have some low-intensity behavior challenges or mild triggers, but is suitable for most adopters with some dog experience.
Dogs with Level 2 determinations are believed to be suitable for adopters with some previous dog experience. They will have displayed behavior in the shelter (or have owner-reported behavior) that requires some training, behavior management or modification. Dogs with a Level 2 determination may have multiple potential challenges and these may be presenting at differing levels of intensity, so careful consideration of the behavior notes will be required for counseling. Primary Color: Tan Weight: 60lbs Age: 9yrs 1mths 1wks Animal has been Neutered