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Pepper Pickles   

In shelter Dog

Nipomo, CA, 93444
Pet name:
Pepper Pickles
Mixed Breed
Coat length:
Lets face can consider yourself lucky to know Pepper Pickles! He loves to "dance" and excitedly wiggles his bottom when he is happy to see you! Pepper is a 35-pound, 11-month-old Supermutt. He is a smarty pants and has completed two group obedience courses, and we just started him on a virtual Nose-work class. He responds well to positive reinforcement training techniques. Pepper is fully potty trained and crate trained (he loves his crate and will often put himself to bed), vaccinated, neutered, DNA tested, and he walks great on a leash. When he doesnt have to worry about protecting *his* stuff, he does great with the kitty (sleeps in the same spot) and other dog in the home. He can be protective over his house and his people, but this special boy is learning to be more trusting of the outside world. He is currently in a busy home with a young child, dog, and cat, but he would thrive being an "only child" with his pick of toys and sunny spots, or in a home with another dog that is a better match. Pepper has his crate, bed, food, favorite toys, etc. to come along with him to his new home. 

Fun skills: Pepper has been trained to file down his own nails! Hes that smart and capable.


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