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In shelter Dog

West Vancouver, BC, V7V 4L9
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
Brown / Chocolate
10/8: current weight is 56.2 lbs Estimated DOB: 05/11/22 Cat test results: Comfortable and calm, but did not wag its tail. Enzo was found on an abandoned property, hungry and malnourished. Since arriving at Cortez weve all grown to love him and his love for life. He enjoys a good walk and minds well. He can be a little growly with new dogs so proper introduction is needed. That being said, Enzo has made many dog friends at the rescue and does quite well in a play group of 4 or 5 dogs. He has a lot of energy and will often use his free time doing zoomies, chasing balls, or jumping in water. This guy is a lot of fun and would enjoy an active family. Enzo is amazing and sometimes can become over excited which can lead to unwanted behavior where he can become mouthy and jumpy. Firm commands and a spray bottle work well to calm him down. More than likely these behaviors are a result of kennel stress and we believe this behavior will diminish once he is in a permanent home and settled in. Before leaving Cortez Rescue, Enzowill be given a full medical assessment to ensure he remains in optimum health. Please visit our website to learn more about this amazing pet and to see other available dogs.


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