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In shelter Dog

Millerstown, PA, 17062
Pet name:
Mountain Cur
Coat length:
My name now is Sappy. In April this year I was removed from a home by the PA State Police because of cruelty. I had been left outside chained to a pine tree with no food or water. You could count my ribs, see my spine and my hip bones clearly. I had pine sap on my fur--hence my new name. The cruelty case was finally settled, so now I can find my  forever home. 

I am roughly a year old, but still very puppish. I now weigh 45lbs. -- almost double my weight on arrival. I have manners and listen pretty well. I do alert bark and will bark at new people. I will dash out of a door or gate so I must have a fenced yard. I am a very sweet boy who will go lay down when told. I will come when called. I can sit and give paw. And If I am barking and told to be quiet, I will stop barking.  Such a good boy I am. 

I do have two bad habits. Sometimes, I yell at other dogs as if I dont like them, but the truth is I do like them. I have had many friends in my foster home. From a Great Dane to a 5-pound cat! Males and females. I love other dogs close to my age to play with, and I play hard! The other issue is food. I do not like to share my food with other dogs. I will pick a fight if I am not supervised during feeding. I havent done this lately, however, because I picked on a bigger boy who put me in my place. I started the fight, and he finished it. My pride was wounded, and so I havent picked any fights since. I learned that there is food enough for all of us, everyone gets their ample share.  I love to snuggle. My 3 favorite things in the world are playing, snuggling and food! Not really in that order. If you want, I will sleep in your bed with you. I like walks and toys. Car rides, too. Oh, and I am very handsome with a nice shiny coat. My foster humans say I am an all around very good boy! If you are looking for a handsome, not too big, happy boy, please go to our website and complete an application for adoption. Once processed we will schedule a Meet and Greet.