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In shelter Dog

Winchester, VA, 22603
Pet name:
Mountain Cur
Named for his beautiful brindle colors resembling tiger stripes, Tigers is just as beautiful on the inside and out. He has a loving personality and sweet temperament. Dont believe me?.... just look at his eyes. He has the softes eyes that tell a story.

Tiger and his side-kick Cheese were found together as strays in South Texas. They were very nervous and timid at first and it took some time to win their trust... this is hard to imagine given how freindly and approachable he is now. Tiger and Cheese had a rough start to life, but due to some good-hearted folks, Cheese and Tiger are safe, neutered, vaccinated and well-cared for.

Although no longer on the streets, Tiger is far from being "home". He still lives much of his time outside - lacking the warm comforts of a home, a soft bed and a family of his own. Will you be the one who can give him that?

Tiger is about 50lbs and estimated to be around 3 years old. He is very gentle, and comfortable around kids, making him a great family dog. He also loves other dogs, so feel free to add him as a canine companion to your pack. Tiger has balanced energy - he is always ready to join you on your next adventure activity, yet he is equally content curling up for a good movie and cuddle time.

Tiger needs someone to take a chance on him. He will be your life long companion and forever grateful to the person who can bring him home. Consider adopting Tiger if Rescue is your favoriate breed.

To learn more about Tiger or to inquire to adopt, please complete the adoption application in the link below.


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