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Jesse Ranger   

In shelter Dog

Houston, TX, 77270
Pet name:
Jesse Ranger
White / Cream
Hello there and welcome to my Petfinder page. I am Jesse, and I am looking for a home to call my own: a forever place and someone to love. Let me know if you think we could be a great match.

Here’s my stats:
Possible Breed: Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix 
Gender:  I’m a boy pup
Colors:  mostly white
Age: I’m still a puppy! The vet says about 1-1.5 years young!

Ideal Home:
A home without children under 8 is necessary, and it would be great to have people willing to give me attention, love, and cuddles. I am also extremely active, so I would need a home with another small dog (under ~16 pounds) to play with me!

I am house-trained in my foster home, but I will most likely need to be re-trained in my new home. We all have an adjustment period, so please be patient with me! I am willing to learn and will do my best, I promise! 

Also, as you can see, I didn’t have the best start to my young life. I came to the rescue needing emergency surgery to remove my eye that was very damaged. I had that done, I am completely healed, and still see just fine! 

For more information, email my foster mom at: 

Start the process of adopting me or one of the other pups by filling out the application steps found at To receive a copy of the application, you can email:

PS. Ive had ALL my vetting, and oh boy, it was a lot. Heres what I had done:
Distemper/Parvo shots
Spay/Neuter-of course.
A fecal exam so I dont have any bad worms. Treatment if I do.
A heartworm test. Treatment if I am positive for heart worms.
BLOODWORK to make sure my liver and kidneys are working well, because you know, we doggies often have issues in the liver and kidneys.
A DENTAL exam AND cleaning if I needed it- yep, all my toofies are checked out.
See, thats a LOT. Ask your vet - thats a LOT.