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In shelter Dog

Chapel Hill, NC, 27516
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
My adoption fee has been fully sponsored. Adopt me and pay $0.00!!! Hi there, my name is Mango - I recently became lost back at the end of November while on a walk and I found myself in the middle of the woods, terrified and not knowing where to go. Luckily, I was spotted by a good samaritan and I am now safe, comfy, and eating good food. I am very scared of people and will need a patient owner who is willing to build trust with me. I will walk on a leash but it takes longer than normal as I am still trying to get the hang of it. There are times where it may seem like I am avoiding you, but like all dogs, deep down - I want a person to call my own. Will you give me a chance?... INSIGHTS FROM MY FOSTER FAMILY: Mango is enjoying life in a foster home. He especially likes being with 2 foster dogs who he gets along with very well. Hes a bit submissive and timid. He uses his dog friends for cues and having them nearby makes him more courageous. He is a calm dog and generally does not bark unless confined to a room or left alone. Mango is mostly house trained, but had an accident inside when it was raining hard outside. He does not like hard rain, but is ok with light misting. So, he will need more training for bathroom trips when the weather is bad. He loves to go on long walks in the woods with the other dogs and loves to play with the younger dog. He is respectful of the older dog and will lie down on a blanket with him. He really likes to be outside, and hes generally walking well on a leash but will stand still when he doesnt want to go with you. He still needs some coaxing to follow humans because he gets scared sometimes. He has very good manners inside and does not jump on furniture, chew on things, or counter surf. He leaves his humans alone when they eat. He is still nervous and skittish of loud noises, sudden movements, and cars. He does not like to walk on streets or in open spaces. He still gets very scared when he sees cars or trucks even if they are far away. He often wants to run away when he sees or hears them, so we use an escape-proof slip lead harness. Since he scares easily and suddenly, it is best to have him in a home with a real fence. An invisible fence will no stop him when he is scared and running away. He would do best in a quiet home as he likes to rest and sit with humans and other dogs. Not sure how he might do with children, but younger children would probably scare him due to loud noises and unpredictable, fast movements. We dont know how he does with cats, but he may be ok with them and just leave them alone. Slow, planned introductions will be needed for any pets in a new home. Mango does well taking his medicated baths and lets his foster mom cut his toenails if given high reward treats like meat. Mango loves to snuggle up with humans and take a nap, or lay by other dogs if no humans are around. Mango will go in a crate, but he does not like being confined. His foster mom is waiting until he is more comfortable to try crate training. He has gained some weight in his foster home, which is good. His beautiful fur coat is also looking great!


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