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Ricky Bobby   

In shelter Dog

San Marcos, TX, 78666
Pet name:
Ricky Bobby
Pit Bull Terrier
Ricky Bobby is a four-legged bundle of energy and enthusiasm, just like his namesake! He may not be able to drive a racecar, but he sure can zoom around a yard with lightning speed! Ricky Bobbys heart is as big as the racetrack and he loves making new friends. Hes got a competitive spirit, but hell gladly trade the checkered flag for a belly rub.

Ricky Bobby did previously live in a home and learned lots of skills! His previous home stated that he had good interactions with both kids and dogs, was housebroken, but did have some puppy behaviors, like chewing. 

Ricky Bobby is more than just a dog; hes a true character with a heart full of love and a need for speed. If youre ready to welcome a bundle of joy into your life wholl remind you that "if you aint first, youre last," then Ricky Bobby is your guy. Come meet Ricky Bobby today and let him give a little "shake and bake" to your life!


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