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Wishbone (REDUCED FEE)   

In shelter Dog

Tracy, CA, 95304
Pet name:
Wishbone (REDUCED FEE)
Pit Bull Terrier
I wish, I wish upon a star; to find a home be it near or far. Wishbone is wishing you would take him home and be his forever family. 

Check out his awesome soccer skills on Youtube! 

Wishbone was brought into Manteca shelter as a stray and became severely kennel stressed and hurt his paw from the stress. Luckily we got him off the euthanasia list and into foster care, where he truly began to shine! While he started out with some separation anxiety, the extent of this has dramatically reduced by making his crate a safe space. He happily goes into his crate while you are gone and will be content to take a nap until you return. Wishbones forever family will be provided with his heavy duty crate to go with home with him.

Wishbone loves belly rubs, and really any kind of affection. He loves coconut oil massages - some of it goes on his skin and some of it gets lapped up happily as a treat! He loves to curl up next to you on the couch and watch a show! He has learned his basic commands while in foster care. He walks very nicely on the leash for his daily walk. Wishbone has to be walked on a harness due to some neck issues from a hard life prior to coming into Better World Rescue. 

Wishbone is good with kids and female dogs. He tolerates male dogs at meet and greets and on walks, but for roommate situations he prefers female dogs. He is not great with cats. He will show only moderate interest in them on walks (stop and stare), but if they live in the same house he can get over-excited by them. 

Wishbone has been neutered, microchipped and is up to date on his vaccinations. Better World Rescue offers regular group training and private training classes to help our dogs be successful in adoption. Bring home this sweet Wishbone today and know that you have a team of trainers and volunteers to help support your adoption success. 

To meet Wishbone, fill out an application at: When an application is submitted, we call within one business day to discuss the pet and to schedule a meet and greet. Meet and greets are usually held at PetSmart, local parks, or directly at our foster caregivers home depending on what works best for all involved.


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