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In shelter Dog

Tucson, AZ, 85745
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
EMAIL MY FOSTER TO ASK ABOUT ME! Kelly: Kampfer is a wonderful and sweet boy with a heartbreaking arrival at PACC. He was found by an Animal Protection Officer near death and covered in ants and maggots. We dont know exactly what happened other than something traumatic such as possibly being hit by a car. The clinic didnt think he would survive the night but the next day he was still hanging on. Day after day was touch and go but he wasnt ready to give up yet, hence his name, Kampfer - fighter in German. He has recovered remarkably from his wounds and injuries except for one outstanding issue - he is blind. He has not been around any cats. He has done well with larger dogs and ok with smaller dogs. However, given that he cant see, sometimes he gets startled or excited when he hears or smells movement around him. This can get him a little overstimulated and sometimes when he is really excited he forgets his size and manners. He is definitely doing a little better every day but still needs supervision but can learn how to calm himself with support from his human. He would prefer a home and yard without sharp edges and pokey landscaping because...well he meets the world face first usually. He walks with his legs kind of jutting out in front of him kind of like a doggie walking stick. He will take time to map out his new home and learn the lay of the land. He has marked out his fosters yard remarkably and is very aware of the spaces he can run and prance in and those he cannot. Other than the above he is a happy, bouncy, playful boy who is happy to be alive. He loves to snuggle, especially snuggled up with his human on the couch or bed. Let me know what you think and if you have further questions on this amazing boy!