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In shelter Dog

Lebanon, PA, 17046
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You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Steely is searching for his perfect home! This 7(we think) year old 14-pound boy is healthy, but he does have quirks. Not much is known about his background, but we know his history since March 2023. He was sent to a Pittsburgh shelter for emergency boarding. After 2 months with nobody coming back to get him or return calls, he was abandoned in the shelter. Thats when we were contacted. Shelter life was not good to him, and he was starting to act out and become aggressive to the staff and other dogs. Steely is easily excitable so we started medication to help him level out. After a month with his foster family, he has started to calm down, not be so reactive, and learn how to be a loved house dog. He needs a patient parent who will help build his confidence and not force anything on him. He does not like surprise sudden movements towards him, which has caused him to lash out. He responds well to praise and high value treats, but it has taken him time to warm up to new people and settle into a new environment. Steely is house trained to go on the pee pads, crate trained at night, rides well in a car, loves his chewies, and eats very well. He is great on a leash and will walk by your side. Despite his anxiety, he is good with grooming and tolerates vet visits. He does not like large dogs! He does OK with other dogs his size and smaller, but we think he will be best suited as the only dog in the house. He loves to have all of the attention on him, and will sit in your lap for pets. He can get a little nippy if he feels like youre not paying enough attention. Because of this, Steely cannot go to a home with children and would do best in a home that will continue to work with him and help him be the best boy he can be. Once Steely settles in, recognizes you, and trusts you, he will be your constant companion.
To adopt Steely, please complete an adoption application at The $350 adoption donation includes core vaccines (Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, and Bordatella), Accuplex (Heart worm and Lyme test), fecal, microchip, bloodwork, neuter, dental, and all the love you can handle!