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Salty (MI)   

In shelter Dog

Leslie, MI, 49251
Pet name:
Salty (MI)
Rat Terrier
Salty is a 3-year-old 16-lb. rat terrier with strong opinions. You see, Salty had a rough start in life, and the experience taught this super intelligent boy not to trust. Salty remembers past breaches of trust, so hes slow to trust new people. But he is SO smart and so sweet and wants so much to be loved that in the right home, with time, he will blossom.

When Salty first came to rescue, he reacted strongly when he was fearful, sometimes biting with no warning. He feared hands, crates, and losing things he treasured like food, his bed, or his favorite person. Time, patience from his foster parents, and anti-anxiety meds (currently Clomicalm, but on advice of a vet behaviorist, transitioning to fluoxetine costing under $10/month) have helped Salty relax enough to see that food or other resources WONT vanish. As a result, his guarding behavior has greatly improved. While not a cuddle bug, Salty does seek out his humans for petting and enjoys being allowed to sit next to them. He walks nicely on a leash and lets you buckle him up to ride in the car. He also likes wearing jackets and sweaters in cold weather. Youll see his excellent fashion sense in his online photo album at .

Not a barker in general, Salty likes to talk with growls, and he has many stories to tell. Hes learning how to manage his big feelings with an endearing behavior--if hes upset, hell run to his foster mom and growl out a long story, the topic of which is often the resident cat, whom he does not like. Saltys home should not have cats or children but ideally would have a fenced yard and 1-2 dogs at most. More importantly, he needs a calm home with terrier-savvy adults. When he feels safe, hell show you how playful he can be and how much he enjoys his walks and learning new things. Hes well house-trained (never has an accident), so he can stay loose in the house for many hours without incident. Salty is a dog that will take time, patience, and understanding, but hes also a dog that will win your heart and bond with you for life.

Note: Applicants should live close enough to Leslie, MI to meet Salty to help him transition to his new home. Our adoption fee is $200 for adult dogs or $250 for puppies under 6 months old.
If you are interested in adopting this dog, PLEASE READ THE DETAILED ADOPTION PROCESS information on our website at www. From there, you can access our adoption application or contact our Adoption Team for more info.