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In shelter Dog

Bandera, TX, 78003
Pet name:
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Welcome Skipper to CCPAL Rescue.  Skipper is a 90-pound Ridgeback/Dane mix is our best guess.  He is a mush to the people he knows and his breed is very loyal.  He was adopted out as a tiny puppy and a year and a half later he was found on the streets skinny and with hair loss.  He is now back at the rescue and he is doing great.  He is friendly to all of us and very happy to see his friends.  He didn’t jump up but he does pull on leash.  I don’t think he got to do much leash work.  He has an adorable widow’s peak.  He would be great for a family who has a traveling father or someone not home.  You could feel safe that Skipper would keep the family safe.  He looks intimidating and has a big bark but very very gentle and goofy to those he loves.  He has a low coat and not a big shedding dog.  We would like someone who has worked with an extra-large breed or a Ridgeback.  He will do good with a strong owner that is willing to work with him to give him direction and training.  He is one of our favorites and we think he may be related to JJ who is also available at CCPAL.  Skipper has been checked over by the vet and is in good health.  He has been given a Bravecto and is growing hair and putting on weight here at the rescue.  He would be a great partner for a jogger and due to his large size could definitely keep up with even a faster stride.  He can go with children.  We like them to be 8 or older.  He is currently in Texas and can be adopted locally.  We can also work with one of the wonderful transporters to get him to Washington, Portland (Oregon), Minnesota, Vermont or all along the East Coast.  His adoption fee is 300 and transport is 200.  Rhode Island and Massachusetts are not states we adopt to because of the regulations imposed by these states   Contact Marlene at 210-867-1769 or email to if you have questions. Online applications at  See his cute video!!