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Gus Gus   

In shelter Dog

Pasco, WA, 99301
Pet name:
Gus Gus
Coat length:
Hi there, Im Gus Gus! Im a young fella with a heart full of love and a head full of curiosity. I am going to grow into a big boy (I am already 92 pounds and only 7 months old).

I love to play and make everyone around me laugh with my goofy antics. Im also quite the smarty-pants, always eager to learn new tricks and explore new places. Im the kind of dog whos always ready for an adventure. Whether its a walk in the park or a game of fetch, Im all in! Im a friendly soul, always ready to make new friends. My big personality is sure to brighten up your day. I promise, life with me will never be dull. Adopting me means gaining a loyal friend, a loving companion, and a source of endless laughter and joy. Lets make some wonderful memories together!

We are increasingly doing "foster-to-adopt" arrangements, so if youd like to take this pup for a trial period before committing, were good with that. Just ask the adoption counselor!

Its a great way to make sure that everyones a good fit for each other before signing on the dotted line.

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