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Angel #loving-uncle   

In shelter Cat

Houston, TX, 77005
Pet name:
Angel #loving-uncle
Russian Blue

DOB 10/31/22

Meow! Meow, everyone! Im Angel, a.k.a. Uncle Angel to the younger foster kittens because Im so nurturing and protective. Im a sweet, quiet, and affectionate solid-gray Russian Blue/ Chartreux mix fella with big round copper-penny eyes who adores my foster meowmy and shows my affection by cuddling with her or perching on her shoulder.

Im a playful fella who enjoys romping with the other foster cats and kittens, and Im an enthusiastic fan of wand toys like Da Bird. I also like to keep a watchful eye that the older kittens behave and dont play too rough with little Janie. The top of the cat tree is my favorite vantage for me to rule as king of my domain!

My hooman surrendered me to the vet for euthanasia because I had really unsightly skin lesions on my chest and tummy. Fortunately the vet diagnosed that I did not have cancer but severe flea allergies. The vet turned to my future Foster Meowmy to ask if she could find me a new home, and she stepped up to the plate like a champ.

Im pleased to report that after several months of being on Bravecto 3-month flea preventative and ZD prescription food, my skin is completely clear. Im back to my stunningly handsome Russian Blue self again! True confessions: for the rest of my life Ill likely have to eat prescription ZD food and promptly receive my flea preventative in order to prevent my skin allergy from raising its ugly head again.

Arrange to meet me today! Im hoping that once you see my sweet face and experience my gentle demeanor, youll overlook my possible special-food needs and take me home with you. Your reward will be my sincere gratitude as well as a lifetime of love and cuddles.

HOPE ID 23-0605-C043

If you are interested in Angel and would like to fill out an online Cat Adoption Application, please go to . Submitting an application does not obligate you to adopt, but it initiates contact with us and gets the process started. If you have questions prior to filling out the application or want to find out which adoption site this feline will be this week-end, email us at , and a volunteer will get back to you.


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