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In shelter Dog

San Antonio, TX, 78266
Pet name:
White / Cream
Coat length:
Harvey’s foster family wondered if he would be a “Hurricane Harvey,” “Heartbreak Harvey,” or “Harvey Wallbanger.” As soon as they met him they started calling him “Hungry Harvey” because he was underweight and needed to gain some pounds; but, underneath that lean frame, he was definitely a Heartbreak Harvey. Harvey is a lover who gave his foster mom kisses the first time she met him.  He loves scratches and even tolerates hugs and kisses from his foster mom.

Harvey is a perfect blend of loving, playfulness, curiosity, with a good amount of confidence.  He will do best with another playful dog in the house because he loves to run and play.  Harvey tries to play with any dog he meets, large or small, but respects when a dog is not interested in playing with him. He is confident, but does not try to be the alpha dog in the house.  He heeds the grumpy old girls in the pack and backs off when he hears a low growl or sees the alpha posture to back off.  Harvey doesn’t self-exercise unless playing with another dog so his forever family should be one that takes daily walks or has active playful dogs with a good sized yard. Harvey is learning to walk on a leash and doesn’t show any signs of prior training (obedience, house, or hunting). This means that he is learning not to take food from the counter or tables.  He is also learning not to steal the laundry from the couches when it is being folded.  He is playful and grabbing a towel and running away is fun for him.  Harvey loves toys and happily trades the towel he stole for a toy.  He is learning quickly and accepts correction.  With careful attention and consistent expectations he will learn how to be an indoor member of the family.

Harvey has met young children and was curious and playful with them.  Harvey has even visited the foster family’s ranch. He was curious about the wildlife and had his nose to the ground exploring.  He doesn’t appear to have ever hunted but has a soft mouth with treats and toys. Harvey rides well in a car but drools if he has too much room to move around.  He isn’t a fan of being crated but grumpily goes in at night and when his foster family leaves.

Harvey is a playful and loving 2 year old Setter, who deserves a great forever home filled with love and laughter. He is up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped. Harvey is in a foster home in San Antonio, TX.


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