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Admiral James   

In shelter Dog

Brooklyn Center, MN, 55429
Pet name:
Admiral James
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This is Admiral James, AKA Jaime, Jimmy, or Jammies. He was born approximately 12/25/22. Hes the last adoptable member of the Star Trek litter! Hes a sweet fluff ball with the softest fur who has won over his foster familys hearts. Hes smart and food motivated, so training him is pretty easy! He is eager to please!

James is kennel trained, but he has also been left loose to roam, with few issues. He knows sit, kennel, has a good recall, and will wait for a command before going in/out of the front door & getting in/out of the car. He walks well on the leash & rides nicely in the car! He can be over-excitable at times and is still learning what types of play are appropriate where.

James is a curious & playful dog, but the uncertainties of rescue life have left him a little insecure. He would benefit greatly from an older, more confident dog sibling who is willing to play with him, and teach some doggy etiquette and PLAY some more! James currently lives with five other other dogs of various sizes and temperaments and does well with all of them.

James will still sometimes bark and smile submissively when meeting new people & dogs. He is NOT aggressive, hes just fearful, and a little bad mannered. For example: hes been known to body slam a dog in play, when the other dog very clearly doesnt want to play like that. Jaime responds well to corrections from other dogs, so the key is to find him canine siblings that will correct instead of attack when they are annoyed with him.

His socialization continues to improve, and a confident, knowledgeable handler would pair nicely with the clever potential that James holds. James is very eager to do what his handler wants, and follows their lead. As his foster, Im confident that James will be able to go on many fun adventures successfully by the time he is an adult.

Jaime takes his job as security guard VERY seriously, and youll know hes on the clock when he switches into his scary bark. Kind of like a mom voice, only for bad guys. He saves this bark for the worst of the worst: plastic bags in the wind, new flowers in the landscaping, or a bike left in the driveway.

Jaime LOVES kids. He has lived with preschoolers his entire life and he recognizes their similar energy levels and gets very excited when he sees them. He will end up being a bigger boy, so small kids will need to be monitored around this jumpy fellow. He can also be mouthy with his people if there are no other dogs in the home for him to wrestle with.

Jaime is potty-trained AND he was previously trained to ring a bell at the door when he wanted to go outside! With a little time he could probably be retrained on a similar device. He does sometimes need to get outside early in the morning or he has trouble holding it all night- but as he gets older this is resolving.

Jaime loves being outside whenever he can! He will go swimming, and then lay in the sun to dry off afterwards. He has no problem entertaining himself in the yard when his people are outside doing their own thing!

Jaime is fine with cats, and also shows no reaction to the goats at his foster home. If you think youve got the time and energy to devote to helping James become his best self. Hed love to meet you!

Adoption fee includes: Full veterinary exam, alter, rabies vaccination if age appropriate, prepaid microchip, dewormed, Distemper combo vaccines appropriate to age, Bordetella vaccine, heartworm and flea/tick preventative while in rescue. Adoption fee: $595.00


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