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Baxter FKA Tree Litter: Hickory   

In shelter Dog

Falls Church, VA, 22044
Pet name:
Baxter FKA Tree Litter: Hickory
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
To learn more about Baxter, please contact

Baxter will be attending one of our adoption events coming up this weekend! To learn more about our upcoming events and to see which event they will be attending, please visit our event page at (*please note that the specific event pages are typically updated on Fridays with information on which dogs will be attending which events*)

Introducing Baxter: Your Future Family Favorite!

Baxter is a friendly and energetic pup, ready to bring joy to any home. Hes great with adults, kids, and other dogs, and comes with the bonus of being house-trained and crate-trained. With a medium-to-high energy level, Baxter is the perfect pal for active families.

Hes got the basics of training down and is always eager to learn more. True to his youthful spirit, he loves to jump and climb, exploring his surroundings with excitement. On the leash, Baxter is impressive, making walks a breeze.

Playful and affectionate, hes all about zoomies, tug-of-war, and happy jumps. Baxter would thrive in a home with older kids, where his energy and enthusiasm can be matched with play, exercise, and ongoing training to keep him engaged and well-behaved. Hes not just a pet; hes a bundle of love and fun waiting to become an integral part of your family!