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In shelter Dog

Jamul, CA, 91935
Pet name:
I was seen hiding in the canyons near a local university and would jump fences to find food and drink out of pools. When someone reached out for help, my captors discovered I had been doing so for SIX months. Upon capture it was discovered I was very young at only a year or so of age. I had spent half my life fending for myself and fighting off dangers. Rumor had it someone left me behind when they moved. Needless to say I didnt understand this new turn and was guarded when caught and no owner came to claim me. It took a lot of patience and understanding from kind people to break down that outer shell. However, I am a pearl emerging from that hard initial oyster shell. I am extremely food motivated and learning that people dont mean harm. If you take your time, approach slow and use treats you get to win my heart. Once in I will hug you and let you lead. I love dogs and am now teaching others that people are good within my circle. True to my breed, (there may be a little husky in there) I am vocal and full of play. I would love someone to help me continue this journey in a home setting with more personalized time and training. Ive come so far with limited exposure and volunteer time in a rescue setting so know the sky is the limit with more one on one. Could that be you?:

Because of my Flight Risk I cannot be left unattended in a yard, crate training is a must when you are gone, tight grip on the leash is a must on adventures and my new family must be aware of open doors and windows. NO offleash activities in unfenced areas for life.

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