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23-135 Loki   

In shelter Dog

Richardson, TX, 75080
Pet name:
23-135 Loki
Adorable sweet loving pup! Approximately an 8 month old shepherd/husky cross. Best of both breeds! Loves playing with other dogs and napping in odd places around the house. He is house trained and leash trained, too! Hes sweetly devoted to people and other pack dogs. Super smart, he has 3 modes . chill, snuggly and playful. 

Loki will thrive in a home with another playful friendly dog and an active owner who is home more than not. A fenced yard is ideal. 

To meet Loki in person visit us at and submit our online adoption application. 

* Adoption Fees:

Puppies (12 months and under) - $325 

Dogs (over 12 months) - $275 

Qualifications for Adoption: No dog is alike and each dog has different requirements based on breed, age, energy level and life experiences. DSDA is very careful to place our dogs in homes that we believe are the best fit for the dog based on our experience with each dog. All of our dogs live in foster homes which allows us the opportunity to learn about their individual needs. 

	Vet checks are required! All resident pets in the applicants home MUST be spayed or neutered, core vaccines up to date and dogs on heartworm prevention to be considered! No exceptions. 
	Must be 21 years or older with identification showing present address.
	Must have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in the household.
	Must receive proof of pet deposit and lease allowing pets if renting.
	Willingness and capacity to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and responsible care for a pet.
	All poisonous plants must be removed from the yard. 
	DSDA is located in Dallas and requires a home visit on every adoption so only adopt to Dallas and surrounding areas.


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