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In shelter Dog

Savannah, GA, 31406
Pet name:
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Introducing Bryce, the curious and observant canine with a heart full of love! Bryce loves adventure and is always exploring his surroundings. He may be young, but his obedience skills are impressive. When you ask Bryce to sit, hell gladly oblige, though a treat is always appreciated as a reward. He is still learning to not bite (which he is improving), however a family with small children would have to be very aware that his playful bite still hurts due to his very sharp puppy teeth.

Bryces enthusiasm knows no bounds when it comes to playtime. He delights in chasing lizards and engaging in friendly romps with his fellow furry pals. While hes not a frequent barker, his excitement might occasionally lead to a joyful bark or two. Bryces playful nature extends to his love for belly rubs and relaxing on his back, playing with his favorite toys - a squishy pig that oinks when you squeeze it and a beef bone.

Bryce has a well-established routine. Each morning, youll find Bryce happily strolling alongside you during his 5 am walk. Once back home, he eagerly anticipates his morning meal at 6:15 am. After a little rest, hes ready for his second walk around 10 am, enjoying the world around him with a wagging tail.

Bryce is a connoisseur of chew bones, relishing the satisfaction of a good chew session. Sometimes, he may even engage in a friendly conversation with his bone, barking playfully. As a quick learner, he understands the importance of waiting calmly during breakfast time and wont touch his food until given the signal. He used to growl when you would go near him eating or chewing a bone but he has since been trained not to. Now when hes eating, you can pet his head or pull his bowl away and he will wait for you to give it back.

While Bryce is still mastering the art of requesting to go potty, hes making progress and learning quickly. When its time for a walk, his ears perk up at the sound of the leash clinking, or he quietly positions himself by the door, patiently waiting for the adventure ahead. * its good to note that If hes not taken out after eating or drinking within 15 minutes, he will pee on the floor. Something that has greatly improved, but not 100%.

As a young puppy, Bryce has endless potential and plenty more to discover about himself. However, one thing is certain: hes an absolute gem. If youre ready to welcome a furry companion who embodies curiosity, obedience, and a whole lot of love, Bryce might just be the perfect addition to your family. Although hes full of energy and loves to play, he also loves to be loved on. He likes to rest his head on my lap when Im relaxing, looking for a good rub down and cuddle session. He will give doggy kisses but its subtle with one lick or two. (He will not lick your face off lol) Get to know this adorable pup and let him bring joy and laughter into your life!


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