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In shelter Dog

Sioux City, IA, 51103
Pet name:
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Coat length:
And its time to introduce everyone to Bobo. It is hard to tell how old he might be hes really active and then hes really laid back, his teeth dont look bad, but theyre definitely not young. He is 63 pounds, and as you can see a German shepherd mix with something. He is very curious with my cat and stares, so I am very cautious because of that. Yet my cat will jump over him if hes in the way, walk around him walk by him and he wont pay any attention other times I am very concerned. He wants to be near you. If youre inside or outside. So, he does a lot of whining. But he just lays around and takes it easy when hes in the house he is potty trained, never has had an accident in the house, dog friendly, children friendly and walks very well on a leash - doesnt like to walk on wood floors in particular. When I go outside, he whines, soon he will go to Mary and put his head in her lap looking for sympathy. Weve only had to leave him alone with our dog once for 2 hours, he was whining when we left but asleep when we got back. Nothing out of place hes going to be a good boy, but it will take some getting used to with his whining character. Myself, I think he will come out of a lot of that. Bobo came from one of the local villages. We were told from the pound master that? When he lost his owner, he became a stray.  When he came to us, he wanted companionship so bad. Myself, I give him all the understanding of his insecurity. Bobo came to us with a nasty cherry eye. His cherry eye is now? fixed along with neuter, vaccinations, and microchip. He is ready to find a permanent family. If interested, please click the link below for our adoption application. Good luck Bobo.


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