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Baby Chewbacca   

In shelter Dog

Rincon, PR, 00677
Pet name:
Baby Chewbacca
Shih Tzu
White / Cream
Coat length:
Chewbacca is a sweet loving dog. He would love to have a single owner to pamper him and give him lots of attention. He doesnt need alot of attention but he does like to be around his pack here at my farm. Chewbacca is a little goofball. Super cute.. I was told him and his sister are Shih Tzu. His owners were unable to keep them and asked if I would take them. I havent wanted to separate them as they have been together for as long as I have known them. It was during the cv19 lockdowns that their owner had to leave PR. He knew I was a dog-lover and gave him and his sister "Osa" to me. I have been fostering them for 2 years now. The dogs are 3-5 years old. Low maintenance. I would like to adopt him and his sister together. The environment I wish for them would put them at the center of their new owners lives. Osa especially likes to be close to her owner.. Chewbacca likes to be close to Osa :-) Osa and Chewbacca play together each day.. They have a little wrestling competition in which Osa dominates :-) They are long hair dogs and will require groomings every so many months.They are attractive sweet dogs and will bring joy, companionship and love to any home. Osa is female, Chewbacca is male. Bro and Sis. They have been spayed/neutered. They are low maintenace and require little food each day. They are crate trained. They are happy and healthy and I look forward to a happy healthy new home for them as I have 9 rescues and want to find special homes so I can continue to resuce others in need.  please send adoption inquiries to or through the platform here. kindly, Denise


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